8 Days - A Long Strange Trip it Has Been

8 Days a Week got its start when I, aka Mike, a founder, was participating in Marches in early 2017.  I was an active participant in civil rights marches and antiVietnam war protests during the late 1960s and early 70s.  I found the whole experience to be something of a flashback. But several things were significantly different. 

For one, I was struck by the money people were making selling pins, buttons, and T-shirts at with high mark-ups. Worse yet, when I looked into where this money was going I found that most of the time it was going into the retailer's pockets. In the most generous of cases, retailers were donating 10% to 15% of proceeds without any financial transparency. Proceeds are the funds left over after costs have been taken from revenue, so there is plenty of room for mischief. I was underwhelmed and saddened. Knowing that the only place left to stop the erosion of progress was in the legal system, I believed that a much larger percentage of money from patch, pin and T-shirt sales should go to non-profit legal defense organizations resisting taking the United States back to the 1850s.  

I was also stuck by one other thing.  The Resistance today is fragmented. In the late 70's and early 80's protesters could recognize each other because denim and used military garb was the hallmark of the Revolution. We wore these clothes all the time so we could make a statement all the time. It wasn't just a march once in a while, we were on it. The buttons, pins and patches were for the most part serious but not crude, hateful or advocating violence. They were even playful.  We had an identity.  The Resistance lacks an identity.

We were also passionate.  And our emotions did not waver.  In part because people were dying. Over 50K young men and women died in the war.  Black people and civil rights workers were being killed and beaten.  Children were killed. The threat was much more existential than it is today. But make no mistake about it, if we continue down the path we are on, the threat will be real and we will feel it.

So I started talking to people about creating an identity for the Resistance and helping people in the resistance express their support for the causes they cared about all the time. I also wanted to get more money into the hands of people that could do something about the roll back of everything I thought this country is about.  Thus was born 8 Days a Week.  It has been 9 long months of getting the company set up operationally and legally so we can donate as much as we can to non-profits.  We have been blessed with the support of so many people who share our aspirations for making sure that the Resistance does not loose momentum and we do our best to keep the dialog going while protecting our rights to freedom, liberty and justice for all of us.  


January 05, 2018 by Mike 8 Days a Week