The Long Run - Giving More

As a start up that had been created by volunteers from designers to lawyers, 8 Days is trying to turn a corner and have some working capital to grow our company. 

It was never the intent of anyone that has been or is involved with the venture to make money. It has always been to help unify the resistance and get as much money it into the hands of non-profit organizations that can have the biggest impact on protecting and advancing human and civil rights. Our end goal remains to contribute 50% of sales to these organizations.  We would love to start there, but it just isn’t possible. We do have costs for materials that we cannot escape.

Having said this, we are giving 35% of our net proceeds to non-profits.  We need to still pay our suppliers and have money to by additional clothing to sell.   To be clear, we want high sales so we can give more today and even more in the future.

Everything we sell or produce is made in the USA. Our clothing is all sustainable and reconditioned.  Our suppliers must demonstrate healthy working conditions and sound environmental stewardship. All our packaging is made of 100% recycled material right down to the shipping label. This does not mean that we are sacrificing quality.  What it does mean is that we are doing our best to be a steward of our planet and its communities. And if we have to pay a little more to do this, so be it.

February 27, 2018 by Mike 8 Days a Week