8 Days a Week Mission Statement

Our mission is to offer people sustainable apparel that will help them reconnect with the fundamental values that are the basis for human and civil advancement.  We want people to remember and embrace the belief that freedom, liberty, opportunity, and justice for all unites and defines us.  We will do this by raising awareness of the erosion of these values while helping underserved people and communities.

Our Reason for Being
8 Days a Week was founded on the belief that democracies are built on a core set of values that we need to live by all the time - 8 Days a Week. As responsible citizens, we embrace the fundamental principles of the Declaration of Independence, U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of the United Nation.

Freedom without liberty and justice breeds anarchy, hate, and divisiveness. Liberty without freedom and justice gives root to entitlement, corruption, and ultimately, the erosion of our republic. True justice ensures that freedom and liberty are protected and granted to all.

We were taught citizenship is not a right but a privilege. It comes with responsibilities to care not only for ourselves but to care for others. It is ultimately the balance of freedom and liberty that fosters a meritocracy that honors the good of the public. It has defined our country as a land of opportunity and is what makes our country great.

8 Days a Week wants to help us reconnect with the principles that fueled our country’s most important advancements over the last 150 years, inspiring a generation to defeat evil in World War II, overturn slavery, and empower suffragists and civil rights leaders to bravely challenge us to live these principles more truthfully. 8 Days a Week champions values, not politics. We celebrate freedom, liberty, and justice for all. If we embrace these shared values, we can truly be a beacon of hope, progress, and opportunity in the world.

We know that our business activity – from lighting our offices to conditioning our clothing – creates pollution as a by-product. We intend to work steadily to reduce those harms in everything we do. We use reconditioned used clothing in many of our clothes and only work with socially and environmentally responsible suppliers.

We also process, manufacture, and recondition our apparel with suppliers that are in the United States. We evaluate each supplier to ensure that their environmental footprint, treatment of their employees, and support of their communities are consistent with our commitment and standards as a Benefit Company.